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Accurate and consistent Fertilization and Pest Control are as important as the regular maintenance and effective irrigation for the sustained beauty of your landscape.

All plants, shrubs, grass and trees need supplementary fertilizers and nutrients to develop, to thrive, and to provide you with the best visual appeal.

We not only know what to apply, we know when to apply for best absorption and results to maximize the effectiveness of each product.

Successful Pest Control is vital to the well being and productive life of plants, shrubs, grass and trees. Pests can shorten life and even kill plants, shrubs, grass and trees; they can devastate the appeal of even the best kept and well manicured landscape.

Cut-Rite Fertilizers and Pest Control technicians are fully trained and experienced, and are aware of the latest product knowledge to keep your landscape protected and looking itís best.


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With the beginning of our summer rainy season irrigation and pest management are essential in keeping a healthy landscape.

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